MDI Era Mask

1. Mask Shell

2. Seal

3. Strap hose support

4. Strap 1.5 m adjustable

5. Non-rebreathing valves

6. Quick Release Cord

7. Wet Nebuliser

8. 3-way connector

9. Tubing 1.8 m

10. MDI spacer

11. MDI Device (Inhaler)

* and connector assembly

How to Use ERA Mask with MDI

The ERA Mask veterinary package provides a system to efficiently administer medication to the horse via a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) or Wet (Aerosol) Nebuliser. The excellent seal, small dead space and registered design non-rebreathing valves ensure that the horse gets the maximum benefit from the medication provided.

How to Use ERA Mask with MDI

  1. Please read the safety information carefully, before using ERA mask. 
  2. Place mask onto the horse’s muzzle.
  3. Secure the strap behind the horse’s ears and adjust if necessary. 
  4. Prepare the MDI device (Inhaler (11) )as per the manufacturers instructions and insert into the MDI spacer (10).
  5. Once the horse is comfortable plug in the MDI spacer (10) onto the tube connector (5). 
  6. Insert Operate the MDI inhaler (11) as per the drug usage or veterinarian’s instructions.