IHT Era Mask

1. Mask Shell

2. Seal

3. Strap hose support

4. Strap 1.5 m adjustable

5. Non-rebreathing valves

6. Quick Release Cord

About the IHT Package

The IHT ERA Mask package has been developed for use with GO2Altitude® Hypoxicators, a new drug free performance enhancing technology. The soft seal has been specifically designed to ensure that there is minimal leakage of ambient air into the mask during a simulated altitude training session. The minimal dead space eliminates carbon dioxide build up in the breathing circuit.

How to Use ERA Mask with GO2Altitude®

  1. Please read the safety information carefully, before using ERA mask.
  2. Place mask onto the horse’s muzzle.
    Secure the strap behind the horse’s ears and adjust if necessary.
  3. Once the horse is comfortable with the mask connect the hose from the
  4. GO2Altitude hypoxicator into the tube connector (5).