Do you have different sizes of ERA Masks?
We designed a unique mask that fits all size horses (and even camels). This is because of the ultra-soft rubber seal that perfectly seals horse muzzle and is a comfortable fit for all horses.
I need to deliver medicine to my horse. Which product do I buy?
PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VETERINARY PRACTITIONER on the medication that your horse needs. Our ERA Mask Veterinary Set is intended for DELIVERY of specialist-practitioner prescribed drugs only.
Does the ERA Mask Veterinary Set come with both the MDI spacer and Wet Nebuliser?
YES, it has both methods of drug delivery: Using Metered Doze Inhaler (MDI) (aka “puffer”)  AND Wet Nebuliser. For the latter you can use your air own compressor or purchase our High Air output air-compressor. 
Can I try the mask on mask and then return it?
We are prepared to refund an unpacked and unused product. However, once you start using it, it becomes contaminated and cannot be refunded.
Where are you located?
We are in Melbourne, Australia.